March 15 – Long-Service Part-Time Leave (Article G.40) p. 119

March 15 – Educational Improvement Leave – (Article G.29) p. 113 – 115

March 31 – General/Personal Leave of Absence, Self-funded Leave (Article G. 38) p. 118

March 31 – Teachers on leave to June 30 must notify Board of their intentions for the following school year.

March 31 – Self-funded Leave Plan (Article G.39) p. 118

May 1 – Intra-District exchange request (Article E. 23.2.b) p. 89

May 14 – Part-time/Increase to FTE requests (Article C. 24) p. 65

May 14 – Job-Share Requests (Article C. 24) p. 65 (For teachers in full time and part-time assignments, including those currently in Job Shares.

May 31 – Committed Transfer Requests (Article E.23.2.d) p. 90

For teacher resignation/retirement planned for 2017/2018, 30 days notice for resignations, and as much notice as possible for retirements in order to aid in staffing).



The NVTA Collective Agreement outlines leaves in Section G

For information about specific leaves, please refer to the Collective-Agreement

Common Leaves:

G2 – Compassionate Care Leave

G21- Sick Leave

G22-Extended Medical Leave

G23-Workers’ Compensation Board Leave

G24-Maternity Leave, Adoption and Parental Leaves and S.U.B. Plan

G25-Paternity Leave

G27-Child Care Leave

G28- Discretionary Personal Leaves

G29-Educational Improvement Leave

G30 – Educational Activities Leave