Issue #4 Notebook – October 16, 2018


In preparation for the upcoming October 20 Municipal Elections, the NVTA submitted a questionnaire to all the Trustee Candidates. All completed questionnaires received by the deadline have been summarized in a document that has been sent to your CSR (also posted below). Please check with your CSR if you have not received these summaries. In addition, a very successful All Candidates’ Meeting took place on Monday evening in the Argyle Library. Many thanks to CUPE for jointly sponsoring this event with the NVTA.

                  The NVTA Executive has now met to determine whether there will be official NVTA Endorsements. After analyzing the results of the survey, meeting individually with any candidates that contacted the Association, and reviewing the answers given during Monday night’s All Candidates’ Meeting, the NVTA Executive passed a motion to officially endorse six of the 18 candidates.


North Vancouver City:

Megan Higgins                                                                   

Jullian Kolstee                                                                  

North Vancouver District:                                                                                            

Norm Farrell       

George Tsiakos  

Behl Evangelista

Kulvir Mann                                                                                     

Please contact us at the NVTA if you have any questions about the Trustee Elections.

Let’s get out the vote for this coming Saturday, October 20 to elect a Board of Education we can count on!

City Candidate responses

District Candidate Responses