Issue #15 Notebook – June 28, 2018

A Message from the NVTA President

Almost there! Before summer begins, I would like to thank you all for your wisdom and guidance as we navigate these waters together. I never cease to be amazed at the thoughtfulness and dedication of North Vancouver teachers. You truly are what is so great about working here. An extra loud shout-out to the great NVTA office team we have with Beth, Carolyn, and Robin. Their dedication to tirelessly providing support for members is absolutely outstanding. Thank you to the NVTA Executive and Committee Chairs who have given up so much of their valuable time. Finally, CSRs, you are the front line support at each work place and your endless energy helps with contract enforcement, wellness, and a myriad of other issues you deal with each and every day. May you all have a wonderful summer of health and relaxation, with family and friends, at places that are dear to you, whether near or afar.

A final few items to report on before summer begins:

  1. Remedy – This has been a challenge for many this year and as a result there are many minutes that are still outstanding.  There has been consistent pressure to ensure that these minutes roll over into next year so that members can start using them in September. I am happy to report that BCPSEA and government have both clarified that it is no longer their position that a right to a remedy under the MOA extinguishes on June 30. Stay tuned for further information on this.
  2. Last week the BCTF reached a favourable settlement agreement with BCPSEA on the issue of Speech Language Pathologists and School Psychologists being included in the definition of a Special Education Resource Teacher, for the purpose of calculating the non-enrolling ratios. This has had a serious impact on the number of LST positions in North Vancouver as the inclusion of SLPs and School Psychologists in the calculation of the ratio has had a negative impact on the number of LST positions in the District. The impact of this agreement should have a positive effect on the number of LSTs next year. In addition, to help with recruitment issues, we will continue to advocate for a separation of LAC and LST positions into two distinct roles.
  3. Our MyEd concerns and reporting change advocacy is paying off at the provincial level. BCTF President, Glen Hansman, has shared our Reporting Committee’s PowerPoint presentation, that was presented to the April Board of Trustees Meeting, with the Minister of Education, Rob Fleming. Glen has also written a letter to the minister that summarized our concerns and specifically requests the minister contact the NVTA for further information. The NDP spoke strongly against MyEd while in opposition. Now in Government, we call upon them to act and improve or replace this flawed reporting system.
  4. Board Budget:The Board’s Budget motion was defeated at the June 19 Board Meeting. The key issue was the lack of counsellors at the Elementary level and LST staffing levels. Last night, The Board met again to review options and to pass a budget. The resulting budget that was passed will ensure that the elementary counselling levels for 2018-19 are the same as they were for this current school year. There will be also be an increase in LST over 2017-18 levels.
  5. Admin Day tomorrow. A reminder that the Admin Day ends at noon tomorrow after which time you are free to leave for the long weekend!

Martin Stuible

NVTA President

NVTA OFFICE INFORMATION – Summer Break is upon usIf you need to contact the NVTA over summer break, please note the following – The week of July 2 – July 6, the office will be open with reduced hours. The office will be closed from Friday, July 6, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. and will reopen on Monday, August 27, 2018. Have a wonderful summer!